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This forum it to evaluate our difference courses of action on greenhouse gas inventory mehodology and potential consultants services.  I've included some Web links for ICLEI for your information.



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WE should also look at the EPA website to formulate our baseline inventory. 

I'll also post all the info from our Greenhouse GAs Inventory Development Workshop we did with CH2MHILL in February.

See May 30, Sceintific American online "Which U.S. Cities Contribute Most to Global Warming?"


as well as "Shrinking the Carbon Footprint of Metropolitan America"

First paragraph: "If you care about reducing your emissions of greenhouse gases, then you might want to move to Honolulu, Los Angeles or Portland, Ore., according to a new study from The Brookings Institution. These three metropolises boast, respectively, the lowest three per capita levels of world warming pollution (read: carbon dioxide) in the nation's top 100 metro areas." (Emphasis added)


Key points in above:

A New Federal Approach

Federal policy could play a powerful role in helping metropolitan areas-and so the nation-shrink their carbon footprint further. In addition to economy-wide policies to motivate action, five targeted policies are particularly important within metro areas and for the nation as a whole:

  • Promote more transportation choices to expand transit and compact development options
  • Introduce more energy-efficient freight operations with regional freight planning
  • Require home energy cost disclosure when selling and "on-bill" financing to stimulate and scale up energy-efficient retrofitting of residential housing
  • Use federal housing policy to create incentives for energy- and location-efficient decisions
  • Issue a metropolitan challenge to develop innovative solutions that integrate multiple policy areas


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